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If you need to move a pool table, call us! Whether it is going across the room or across our Nashville service area, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

As you can imagine, moving a pool table can be a daunting task. All pool tables except for coin-operated tables must be completely disassembled in order to be moved. Never let someone tell you that a pool table can be moved without disassembling it. Rather than taking the risk of damaging your table or even worse injuring yourself, give our experienced pool table movers a call and then sit back and relax!

Our team with over 30 years of experience will come to your location, properly disassemble your table, package it meticulously, and move it to its new home.
Once at the new location, our team will reassemble the pool table, level each individual slate, seam the slates with beeswax, re-felt the table using one our new felt options at an additional cost. After the felt has been installed, they will then do a final level of the table, making sure it is perfectly level. They will even shoot you a game of pool before they leave, just to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the installation. At TN Billiard Service, we believe in nothing short of perfection.

The cost of moving a pool table depends on:
  • Age and model of the pool table
  • Whether the move involves stairs
  • Distance from the old location to the new location
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