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Whether you have an older table you’d like to rejuvenate or if you just want to create a unique, custom felt for your billiards table, our experienced pool professionals can help. We have over 30 years of experience applying thousands of felts with several colors and styles to choose from.

We can even provide custom felt for your pool table created from custom designs, logos, patterns, or even a photograph. We have professional graphic designers to assist with creating the custom felt for your pool table. Pricing starts at $499.

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5 options for re-felting your pool table

1 Titan Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt

Championship Invitational is a 20oz weight cloth consisting of 75% woolen and 25% nylon blend to provide a long-lasting playing surface for your table. Championship Invitational Pool Table Cloth is the best selling pool table cloth in the world. All our Invitational cloth material is bathed (not sprayed on like others) Dupont™ Teflon™ before the cloth is produced to provide the most spill/stain protection available. The active shearing process ensures a cloth that has minimal piling and a consistent level playing surface. Perfect for home but will satisfy pros and amateurs alike. Championship Invitational Cloth offers the most color options of any Dupont Teflon treated cloth so you are sure to find just the right fit for your home decor.

7 foot – $135 / 8 foot – $150 / 9 foot – $175

Samples of Titan Championship Invitational (click to enlarge)

Academy Blue
Basic Green
Bottle Green
Championship Green
Dark Green
Electric Blue
English Green
Euro Blue
Olive Green
Steel Gray

2 Custom Pool Table Felt

For your pool table re-felting needs, we offer several custom pool table felt options. We can create a fully custom design with the assistance of our professional graphic designers. Our company has been making custom felts since 2004, and we can assist you with any questions that you may have.

We also have licensed NFL, NHL, MLB, and Collegiate teams available for purchase. We have a few examples below, and most run about $499. Let us know if you are considering a custom logo pool table felt. The custom felts are not stock items, and are produced at the time of order. We can quote you for any custom designed pool table felt. Any custom logo felt will need to be paid up front, and there are no refunds.

8 foot – $499 / 9 foot – $524

Samples of Custom Felt (click to enlarge)

3 Outdoor Pool Table Felt

For your outdoor pool table re-felting needs, we offer several color options of our exclusive Marine Cloth outdoor pool table fabric.

Our outdoor pool table cloth is designed specifically for outdoor use. The outdoor pool table fabric is a soft, breathable, solution-dyed acrylic that is UV, water, and mildew resistant and does not noticeably shrink or stretch.

Outdoor pool table cloth should not be used for indoor pool tables or competitive play. The play and ball roll characteristics are a little different from a standard pool table felt.

7 foot – $175 / 8 foot – $199

Samples of Outdoor Pool Table Felt (click to enlarge)

Charcoal Grey
Forest Green
Hot Pink
Jet Black
Jockey Red
Pacific Blue
Sunflower Yellow

4 Titan Brites Pool Table Felt

Championship Billiards Titan Brite pool table felt is a great replacement billiard cloth. Championship Billiards Brite Table Felt is a 21oz weighted fabric with a 75% / 25% wool and nylon blend.

Available in 5 “Brite” colors: (Brite Gold, Brite Lime, Brite Orange, Brite Pink and Brite White) have recently been added to Championship’s new line, Titan Brite allows consumers the option to have the brightest colors on their pool table.

7 foot – $155 / 8 foot – $180 / 9 foot – $200

Samples of Titan Brites Pool Table Felt (click to enlarge)

Brite Gold
Brite Lime
Brite Orange
Brite Pink
Brite White

5 Predator Arcadia Select Billiard Cloth

The Predator Arcadia Select Billiard Cloth is a worsted vibrant billiard cloth crafted with the optimal balance of the finest Australian Merino Wool and premium nylon blend resulting in high-performance fabric with exceptional durability and a more accurate and consistent playing experience.

Worsted Blend: 70% Australian Merino Wool / 30% Japanese Nylon+


  • Official Predator Logo Rail
  • 2x Predator spot stickers
  • Superior durability
  • Most consistent
  • Exciting high-speed action

Predator Arcadia SELECT – 7foot ($200), 8foot ($240), 9foot ($280)
Predator Arcadia RESERVE – 7foot ($250), 8foot ($320), 9foot ($360)

Predator Arcadia SELECT Billiard Cloth (click to enlarge)

Apple Green
Blue Green
Electric Blue
English Green
Powder Blue
Royal Blue
Yellow Green

Predator Arcadia RESERVE Billiard Cloth (click to enlarge)

Tournament Blue
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